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Alex Huefner


I was born in 1966 in Berlin-Wedding. As a real “Berlin plant”, I used my first camera to explore the neighborhoods and subcultures of the divided city at an early age. I understood life on the street early on as part of an artistic space.

At the end of the 80s, I completed my training as a photo designer with Marion Schult. This was followed by a lot of work as a freelance photographer, mostly in connection with the diverse cultural life of post-reunification Berlin.

At the same time, I was drawn to forays into the world's metropolises on a regular basis. As an avid martial artist and cyclist, I came into contact with a different view of urban culture in Europe and beyond.

In 1996 I joined the X-Step sports school in Berlin Kreuzberg-Tempelhof as managing director and martial arts trainer. When I travel to training camps in Korea and Japan, I always have my camera with me.

An extensive archive of urban art and cityscapes as well as contact with many street artists has been created to this day.


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