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Today the art of the street is more than just a tolerated part of the cityscape. For me it is the motifs that give my compositions the inspiration. PasteUps, stencils, murals or simply sticker techniques are the handwriting of street artists. Without the graffiti, my creative project “echt-berlin” would not be what it is. It is my aim to introduce the artists behind it. Short interviews arose from my contact with them.


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Liz Art about echt-berlin: " I like the collages a lot, it brings artists and their art together"

2021-04-10 at 12-20-33.jpg

The first contact with street art was graffiti, a lot of my friends were in the scene in connection with hip hop. I myself only found my enthusiasm for stencil art a little later, through constant travel, wherever I am
attention was drawn to a wide variety of street scenes. I wanted to know how it worked for myself and then just tried it out and then went off. I thought the idea of ​​presenting my own works in other cities was great!
I have glued / distributed / presented / sprayed a lot of my things in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Switzerland etc.
I started with Catwoman and Batman as a template because I've always been a comic fan and the story between the two cartoon characters. I've always found Catwoman particularly good, she is a strong, ambitious and elegant cartoon character, sexy and a female actor at that. She is a nocturnal cartoon character and loves cats, there is already a connection;)
But I also like to try out other things to expand the technique of stencil art ...
I don't want to commit myself to one motive.

Lemboart Berlin

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Lemboart about echt-berlin: "I love this idea of combining different pieces of streetart together and making something new and interesting."

2021-03-19 at 18-00-02.jpg

"Growing up in the 80s I was influenced by the graffiti I saw in the cities... and hip hop culture made an impact on me... as a kid I sketched at home, drawing pieces, but never going to paint them. Over the years I started to take photos of graffiti and streetart wherever I went.

My main motif has always been cats. When I started out I took photos of my cat, made them into paste ups and stuck them up everywhere I could - Mainly in the small town I lived, but also in London, Ljubljana and Barcelona.
For me, Cats do what they want, they are natural anarchists. They also come out at night, like graffiti writers and street artist."

Lembo | Kunst | SALZIG Berlin - Streetart Galerie

Murielle street art Tel Aviv

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Murielle about Echt-Berlin: "In the pictures of Echt-Berlin a lot shows the transience. Everything has a life, but not forever and I like that!"


Muielle about her work:

I mainly do street art to give passion to the streets. We live more in urban environments these days, obviously to survive, to make a living, and this is not a natural environment for the human psyche. Many people are confused with their thoughts, they are chasing a dream, they are removed from their feelings and try to find themselves because the city is not a normal environment for the human species. Here I thought that art would be a great window to display to passers-by. When they go to work in the morning, are gloomy, and have the same routine every day. I do it with the intention of giving them some passion, to give them some color for their day and just have a little something that they can feel good about.

Schiikaa Aue

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Schiikaa about "Cool thing. Carry on"

2021-02-04 at 14-50-48.jpg

As a child I was a big hip hop and grafitti fan. After graduating from high school, I moved to Dresden and was very impressed and inspired by all the pasted and scribbled facades of the Neustadt. After a few trips and short trips, I had so much positive input that I ultimately felt the need to want to give something back to the world. After a few attempts, the 'yin-yang heart' has established itself. I was in love with someone for a while and then suddenly had the image of a heart that holds each other and becomes a unity before my inner eye. The idea of ​​having someone who complements me and whom I am and who no longer makes me feel alone has made me almost effortless to post 5 cities with it. I also like to use short sentences to motivate and tell stories.


Ilyin Art Dublin  

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Iljin Art about echt-berlin: "looks nice!"

2021-02-04 at 14-52-44.jpg

Imaginary Duck

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Street art & photography. Quack!


Mr.SaSa Dresden

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Mr. SaSa about echt-berlin: "I think the collage is great."


"I started mainly with love as a topic ... The world would just be a better place with more love and respect for yourself and others. Later I also have to bring the motifs that I do on canvas onto the street, such as the geishas.
The geisha in itself fascinates me because she is often wrongly viewed as a prostitute .... Geisha actually means person of art, i.e. artist (in this case really artist as a male form, since similar to Europe only men were allowed theater music or practicing other arts) In fact, geishas are "perfect" in every detail, like many things in Japan, with perfection. So the whole person is a work of art ..."

Stickermaid Berlin

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stickermaid about echt-berlin: "Your collage is great ... I just like it a lot ... absolutely amazing🥰"

2021-02-22 at 11-16-36.jpg

“I mostly draw faces that reflect strong feelings. They all have their very own character. But it's not enough with the face alone, I don't just stick the stickers and paste-ups somewhere, I choose the place carefully so that they can interact with the stickers, paste-ups, stencils, sculptures or graffiti of others Street artists or with billboards and the environment.”

The Postman Brighton

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The Postman about echt-berlin:  "Yeah, its fun! There is a story to the piece you used in your collage. Its Keith Haring. When we last stayed in Berlin it was exactly where you took the picture. our host likes KH so we put one up for him.


The motto of the Postman is: We deliver Art to the street!

About their work:

"We always had a love for photography and art, as well as streetart. one day in 2018 we simply decided to try doing paste-ups. they seemed popular so we kept going. We choose our heroes from film and music."

Tekno Painting

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Tekno painting abaout echt-berlin: "thanks for  this collage, it´s looking great."

2021-02-22 at 11-18-28.jpg

Seileise Cologne

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Street art // illustration // reverse graffiti
Represented by:

Jeanpeutetre Berlin

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Jeanpeutetre about Echt-Berlin: "You create, so you are!"


Urban Art, that is the way to discover a city and to get to know the nooks and crannies between empty houses and abandoned walls ... it is the wild representation of urban poetry

I am fascinated by the peculiarity of not always doing the same thing and mixing everything together, typography, screen printing and waste paper ...

I like the "déjà-vu", but "we" don't know where from! Old photos in screen printing! The umbrella. The red lobster. Typographed words and phrases. The illusion of a doubt!  You create,so you are!

CMYK dots  Berlin

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CMYK Dots about echt-berlin: "I am honored to be a small part of the collage. It's nice when my work on the street inspires other artists. Thank you and continue your work !!"

2021-03-26 at 08-06-53.jpg

"I have my roots in graffiti. This means that there was a reference to art on the street from the start. Even if I had to stop illegal spraying early on, I never lost my fascination with it. But since I was always missing something with exclusively legal graffiti, at some point I slipped into the street art direction, which still allows me to work on the street, but with a far less illegal character.

My basic motif are 4 points in CMYK. From this I can, in turn, freely design other motifs, always with reference to the basic motif. The idea came about by chance. I wanted to create something as simple as possible with a lot of attention. With the simple shape of a point and the concise color scheme using CMYK, this worked out quite well. At least for my taste :)"

X_Street_art Tel Aviv

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xstreetart über echt-berlin: "I love your style and I think it's nice to include other people in it."


"It's nice to see my plasters in your art.

All I can say about myself is that I am a graphic designer and I want to present my thoughts and opinions about the world.

Israel is a very small country and people know me and recognize my type of work. That's why I created this label (xstreetart) and created a new style so I can do what I want.

In my works of art I try to get people to think about life, especially love."

Jules Viera

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Jules about echt-berlin: "It’s so “Berlin” congratulations 🎈 super street art style!"

2021-02-04 at 14-51-54.jpg

During 2014 I wanted to express myself differently. So I decided to print my Heroes and to paste it everywhere I go. I started in paris. It’s an hommage. And sometimes it is also a good way to make the people smile. Now I have changed a bit. I try to talk about climate change about riots and contemporary issues. Meanwhile I live in Thailand and unfortunately I didn’t do any street art since two years 😞

James Ame Dublin

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2021-02-04 at 14-50-00.jpg

British Artist The Lego Guy


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Trash stickers and stencils


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