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Custom made

The work or living space is more than a functional place. It is living space and with today's understanding of architecture, more and more people are devoting themselves to a careful interplay of interior, decoration and interior planning. The character of the office and every semi-public space today is a radically relevant place that offers its user a structural and aesthetic statement.

For these rooms I design individual objects that give the room a window into the city and thus enable a reference to urban culture. My aim is to create more than just a decoration or a decorative image. Custom Made sees itself as a connection to the visual language of the city street.

For this I offer a tailored, unique approach to interior design. I include the location in the creation process. The works are unique and can only be created on request.

Newsletter always creates new creations. With the newsletter, subscribers receive the latest works in advance as well as insights from conversations and collaborations with many graffiti artists from all over the world.

Thanks very much!

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