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"Berlin, you are so wonderful... "*. It is the silent hymn that accompanies me with the project "". As a real Berlin plant, I grew up in the streets of the city. As a photographer and traveler, I became an observer of a cultural history of Berlin that stretches from the 80s to today.
With my works I bring together what as a linguistic culture and cityscape makes this metropolis of the last 40 years unique. It is the fusion of architecture, structures and fibers of the city's history with graffiti as a subcultural expression of the street...And its constant change. Ah, Berlin. You remain so changeable.

'Urban Fusing' is the motif of the idea to set an optical monument to this city with photography and means of modern image processing. Compositions are created as visual stories that everyone - walking through the city with eyes open - can see, touch and feel. The works are available in my online store as limited editions.
Berlin, you are a 'melting pot': here and there something of the diverse language culture from Dresden, Tel Aviv, Paris or somewhere in England from my travels flows into the works.
I have a friendly relationship with many of the street artists who inspire me. Many have acquired great renown in the years of our encounters, some prefer to remain unknown, some have long outgrown their active time. My paintings take their works, connect them with a well-known section of the cityscape and create one of the many stories of Berlin. To them I dedicate a separate section under Artists.

*Song by Kaiserbase feat. Henry de Winter, not only a beer advertising song

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Thanks very much!

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